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Skiathos Weddings

Are you planning to get married in Skiathos Island?

Make your wedding day even more memorable and brilliant with the services of La Piscine Art honeymoon hotel in Skiathos Island.

For you, it will be the culmination of your happiness and for your guests will be an exciting and a rare living experience.

La Piscine Art Hotel has the ability to provide for your wedding:

  • Reception area for 150 people by the pool
  • Full menu
  • Photographer
  • DJ
  • Transfer of the couple with traditional paitoni
  • Decoration of  the reception hall

and whatever you wish, by agreement.

The section of La Piscine Art Hotel for weddings in Skiathos, promises a special wedding party in one of the best beaches of Skiathos, for an unforgettable experience, memorable for a lifetime.

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